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Speaking about my detox program

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Hi and how are you?

Since early May, I have decided to get into a detox meal plan. Well, actually it is a low carb diet. Yup, it is a kind of diet that hubby went into some time ago. Here are the stories, in his diet . I have posted several of his menu as well in low carb story continues and his latest menu

I have heard some mixed inputs from him while undergoing this program. That made me think, perhaps I should give it a try. Just to have an experience. So I can talk as an insider and no longer as a 'commentator'

So, my above-said intention received a frown in his head and short reply "you certainly do not need to do that"  It is understood since I am in pretty normal condition and my friends tend to call me "skinny". Besides, I am a meatless person too. I am sure this particular fact is included into his point of objection. But...the decision is made and I am stick with it. It will be proven that if a meatless person like me can do it, any average normal people can do it too :b

I did not plan to follow the whole program, but the two-weeks detox session. Meaning, within 2 weeks time, I can't have carbohydrate and sugary foods. That include rice, potato, pasta, noodles, cakes (ouch!), bread, soft drinks, all fruits, chocolate (ouch again!). No sweet soy sauce. Basically what allowed are proteins. For him, skinless meat and seafood are acceptable, not in deep fried though. Comparing to his, my meal option is much limited. I imagined that I will regularly eat much of veggies (carrot is not one of them, since it contained sugar), legumes/nuts, white egg, tofu and tempeh (soy bean cakes).

The kind of suggested exercise is brisk walking.

Actually the program has much more details about the do and the don't than mentioned. However, I only wish to share the foods that I have been having. 

Inside the box
* Boiled edamame
* Green salad of broccoli-zucchini-cauliflower-green peas-yellow paprika without any dressing but gari (pink ginger) in two compartments
* sauteed (using splash of canola oil) white cabbage with button mushroom, egg white and gari.
* Korean dry seaweed, immersed it into boiled water for a while until tender, strained and mixed it with a bit of salty soy sauce and sesame seeds.

Simple? yes 
I need to keep it that way, since myself prepare the meal right before leaving to office.

That menu is only one of the example and my meal do not vary much. I just kinda mixed and match the menu with pan-fried Japanese soft tofu or white egg omelette (delicious with furikake!) or pan-fried tempeh. Sometimes I also put feta cheese instead of gari into green salad. Just to get some alternatives. The quantity is enough for my 3-times meals and in between meals, I take edamame as my snack. That keeps me full all the time. When I am really feel like snacking, I will take low fat plain yoghurt or unsweetened soya drink or a portion of pistachio nut will save my day too.

If you wanna know, today is my eleventh day. Yay...! 3 more days to go.

The first and second days, I felt so sleepy during mid-day. Perhaps due to the decreasing of sugar level. My mouth felt so dry, seemed like craving for sweet stuff. Few times I told myself "focus.. focus.." LOL. I do not mind about the absence of carbohydrate, but it is really tough for me to eliminate the sugar in my meal. I love the cookies, brownies, ice cream and those beautiful (cup)cakes ... eeeww..STOP IT!!

After the third day, it completely normal for me. I do not have mood swing too. Nevertheless I have warned my close pals in office "don't mess around with me. I may be very sensitive due to lack of sugar" in joking tone before day one. 

Well, everything turn out to be just fine.

The program advised us to have body measured on prior to start, seventh and fourteenth day.  So, on the seventh day, I dropped two kg in weight and one point in visceral (belly) fat measurement.
Yup, my pants feel at loose.
Losing weight is not my goal, unlike my hubby's, but it is a supportive act from me.
But I will re-measure on the last day because what gets measured gets done :) and I will let you know the result *wink*

The funny thing is, I feel more energetic. Also get much less pimples on my face. 
Hooray for that!

Important note, consult and follow a nutritionist when you want to do it.
Yes, I obey mine as well.

See ya.... {^,^}


Arman on 3:28 AM said...

iya yen, lu udah kurus gitu kok pake detox2an segala sih. hahaha.

kartika on 5:38 PM said...

wah hebat yen...bisa ngejalanin detox ampe 2 weeks..gua ga bisa kali ngilangin karbo dari diet secara gua workout hiit 4-5x a week...btw gula itu emg paling jahat ya...skrg ini goal gua emg ngurangin belly fat...jadi terinspirasi gara2 postingan elo nih :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 1:28 PM said...

Arman: hehehee iya iseng, Man...biar bisa ikutan "ngomong" kalo suami lagi diet juga hahaha

Journal Mommy Yenny on 1:29 PM said...

Kartika: wah..rajin banget elo workout 4-5x seminggu. Jadi malu gue hehe Iya ternyata gula yang bikin kita cepet tua :b

kartika on 5:14 PM said...

gua uda kecanduan yen...gratisan ini di rumah soalnya hahaha...gua cuma ikutin apa kata instruktur gua di web...mau coba? cuma 12 mins kok :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:24 AM said...

Kartika: oo..workout di rumah ya..
iya convenient juga yahhh..


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