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Bento - some late posts and his diet

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Hi there,

The net connection was down since last Monday.
I wonder why it has problem when I had many things to post. LOL

Well, to begin with, I made bento for kids' late lunch during last weekend. 
I made an extra box -just like this one- for a friend since we visited their house for playdate.

bento 246
What's inside
Baked salmon in alu foil, blanched broccoli, fried rice, Hello Kitty kamaboko and apples.

Lately, I love to bake this and that.
For salmon, I rubbed it with salt, pepper and mixed dried herb (parsley, oregano, thyme - didn't notice what else inside- found this ready bought package in a supermarket). I drizzled the salmon with olive oil and inserted a sliced of lemon on salmon, just between the skin and alu foil. I did it all onto foil surface, then just wrapped it and put into the oven. Using 200 C in about 20 min, the salmon will be done and smell wonderful.

In middle of baking time, I put sliced red and yellow bell pepper in tin pan next to the wrapped salmon in oven.

While waiting for the salmon, I made fried rice. Simply done, using white rice, some bites of vegetarian ham, egg being scrambled and shredded bell peppers. At the same time, Hello Kitty kamaboko and edamame were being boiled, also some sliced apples being soaked into salty water.

When all done, put salmon, bell pepper, broccoli, lettuce, fried rice, edamame and apples in place. Voila! it's so yummy {^,^}

Next ......
Bento for some lazy busy mornings

Remember my story about the Bakery and Meat shop
I got some chocolate rolls and croissants in store, frozen of course. They needed to be re-heated by oven within 5 minutes on 180-200 C.

bento 247 mister J
bento 247 miss L
What's inside
Chocolate roll, butter croissant, a cup of sliced rock melon and grapes, two quail eggs, purple sweet potato and garlic n herb butter in tiny cup. 

I let the kids know that they can smear the butter onto croissant. They came home and told me that some of their friends have bits of croissant. Some preferred the croissant while others preferred the butter. Some even said to my kids "you always have the 'strangest' lunches" I take that as a compliment \>,</

As a bonus, mister J loved his lunch. 
He normally didn't like to find bread in his box.

Last one for today, I promise.
Hubby is thinking to get himself into a diet program. Well, it is about time, I suppose. He is currently very overweight. Although looks healthy, I am deeply concerned for his general condition in the long run. I couldn't force him to change his way of eating until he decides himself to do so.

A type of diet that he is considering now involving 2 steps.
First step is to have 2 weeks free of carbohydrate meals. Meaning, carbohydrate at all, including pasta, potato, and friends. Fruits are out from meal-plan too. Basically, vegetables (except carrot and tomato), legumes, olive/canola oil, white egg and other kinds of protein (like tofu, tempeh, we have the list) are allowed. Oh yes, no sugar too! You can cross out tea and coffee, only plain water. You can have garden salad without dressing. Looks tough? How about if I say, you can get rid from 4 to 6 kg of your weight, within 2 weeks time? \^o^/

I do not yet put too much attention for second step, since he is in doubt if he can manage first step very well. He is quite hooked with carbohydrate, none of his days will be passed on without any white rice or noodle. So....he is not firmly decide yet to follow the program, but he would like to try.

Bento 248
What's inside
Baked skinless boneless chicken breast (using the same method as salmon's on above-omit the lemon), stir-fried (with just some drops of oil) veggies: green beans, baby corn, yellow and red bell peppers, steamed white egg with frozen corn and green peas in papercup, some edamame and lettuce.

Both stir-fried veggie and white egg were seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper only.
I added both yellow and red bell pepper to give a color highlight (carrot is usually my rescue) otherwise his box will be too dull.

It looks yummy. 
It smells delicious  
Most importantly, he loved it *yay...dancing around the kitchen*
So, if he sees carb-free meal isn't so bad, perhaps he will SERIOUSLY consider the program. Hahaha...
When he says yes, I will partly participate just to support him.
I don't have problem with my weight and to get carb-free meals but I care so much for sweets. When the time comes, ehm..bye bye my cappuccino and cheesecakes...Ouch!

How is your day so far ?


nomad girl on 9:33 AM said...

wow! sounds like a tough diet! g gak nyangka yg manis2 itu termasuk carbo juga ya? waaaaahhh...g kirain cuman roti/nasi/bakmie dkk doank....

Journal Mommy Yenny on 10:11 AM said...

Nomad girl: hihihi..engga seberat yang dibayangkan koq...some friends said lebih enteng setelah 2 hari-an cobain diet ini :)

Rina @ Bento School Lunches on 11:38 PM said...

All the bentos look so yummy and I especially love the baked salmon! Have a great weekend :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 12:15 AM said...

Rina: hey, gal. Glad that you like them.
Have a lovely Easter weekend!

Pypy on 9:16 AM said...

Yummy bangett.. Sayang masih tinggal dikosan dengan dapur seadanya.. Someday semoga bisa dipraktekin deh, apalagi yang baked salmon.. nom nom.

Salam kenal ya Mommy Yenny ^^,

Journal Mommy Yenny on 4:04 PM said...

Pypy: thank you dah mampir
salam kenal juga yaaa :)


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