Monday, April 1, 2013

Low carb story continues

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 4:26 PM

I am still supporting hubby in his low-carb meal

Just realized the appropriate term is low-carb -instead of carb-free- I will use it from now on. So, another thing to realize, the key to have tasty meal is to use many herbs.

What's inside:
* Gindara Fish (I do not know English name for this kind, feel free to let me know)
 pan fried, with salt, black pepper, grated ginger. Fried under splash of canola oil.
* Steamed egg white in glass-cup
Whisked 3 eggs (I got two cups) mixed with button mushrooms, ground lean beef, cubed yellow and red bell pepper, minced leek and some basil. Salt and pepper of course.
* White tofu
Steamed (once again) soaked with few drops of olive oil, grated garlic, minced leek and minced red chili pepper, aside from salt and pepper.
* Blanched broccoli and button mushroom for garnish.

I would love to eat it by myself

Happy Passover {^.^}


Mamana Clo said...

amis gak yen, gindara yang dikukus doang?

Journal Mommy Yenny on 4:33 PM said...

Xiao: engga dikukus, di goreng pake minyak dikit, Xiao..


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