Monday, June 24, 2013

Having a friend stay over

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It is a long school holiday for the kids now. Not so long, actually, about one month. As we do not yet have plan to travel around, we invited their friend to spend night in our house. He is a bit younger than the twins but older than little B. Perfect age to be their playmate :D 

One thing that I noticed, kids are always hungry \>o</
We had breakfast before we went out for Sunday morning mass. But after the mass, they said hungry! So we went to have bowls of noddle. Each of kids have one bowl, except miss L and little B got half-shared a bowl. That's consider lunch for us. 

Pretty much like 2 hours later, they were hungry again and requested fried rice.

I made fried rice with scrambled egg, frozen vegetable and button mushroom mixed. Later on added the crispy bacon bits and sausages. Yummm... all the kids including hubby finished well the rice.

When everyone had full stomach, we strolled along in a shopping mall.

 very sweet, eh..?
Feel like having five four children to attend to. LOL. 
All of them behave nicely and enjoy their togetherness.

Later in the evening, his parents came to pick him up.
I concerned that he will be hungry during the way back home.

Inside the box:
> Hello Kitty wheat bread, filled with cheese sheet and chocolate rice
> Fried sausages wrapped with egg sheet
> Few strawberries and sweet mandarins

It was very nice to have you in our home.
Looking forward to welcome you again.


Bentobird on 7:44 AM said...

I love the addition of sausage to your fried rice dish! A yummy idea for my next fried rice experiment, thanks!

Once in a Lifetime on 3:08 PM said...

Weleh2 kevil2 udah stay over:) ortunya khawatir gak yen? Kl gua bkn khawatir si Denzel doang, tp khawatir dia rusuh di rmh org hehe...

Journal Mommy Yenny on 6:06 PM said...

Bentobird: thank you for your kind words, dear :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 6:07 PM said...

Once in a lifetime: hehehe iya El.. engga rusuh, biasa lah kelakuan anak2 kecil gitu :)


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