Friday, August 24, 2012

Bento in long holidays

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We had long holidays recently, due to Islamic New Year on August 19-20.
My office is officially closed since August 17th until 25th.
I sincerely wish Happy Eid-al-Fitr for friends who celebrate it.

We did not far travel for this holidays. 
It was due to two reasons, our hometown is in Jakarta and we imagined the out of town will be in bad traffic. 

So, we hopped from one shopping mall to another.
Below bentos were the kids' lunches

bento 220 bottom tier
I used vacuum jar and filled with white rice, added with sauteed ground beef and scrambled egg, to make soboro bento. Decorated with carrot, nori, sausages and jelly ball for facial expression.
bento 220 top tier
The top tier filled with blanched broccoli, boiled sausages, carrot, the left-over scrambled egg, edamame and apples.

bento 221 Omurice
In another day, I made omurice bento
Basically it is a fried rice folded in a thin omelette. I made fried rice with diced chicken breast and shrimp. Accompanied with steamed green squash, few carrots and apples.

bento 222
When I had more time, I cooked more dishes.
Triangle onigiri sprinkled with veggie furikake; added with stir-fry long bean with kani, kamaboko and ground-beef; panko fried shrimps; two quail eggs; edamame, carrot, takuan and grape tomato.

So... I am enjoying the remaining weekend of this holiday, before back to routine by next week. The city will be packed again and kids will return to school.

See ya... {*.*}



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