Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bento 219

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 12:23 PM
Hello again... ^,^

It's been a while since my last post and I blame it to my routines. 
Should think of another creative and crazy excuse..Haha!

a weekend bento
Content of the box:
* Onigiri bear, with sausage ears, pinned with uncooked angel hair or spaghetti stick for steady position. Within few hours or so, the pasta will be softened and ready to eat.
* Decorate his face with punched nori, cheese sheet and a dab of ketchup. Cheese cutters are widely available but the simplest way is to use the drinking straw to create perfect round cheese cut-outs. Cut short the straw first before punched the cheese and pushed it out gently using the round tip of a toothpick. Using a toothpick, smeared ketchup onto his check for healthy glowing of face.
* Pan-fried salmon piece using butter and some lemonade juice (one teaspoon of juice is enough for me!) also salt and pepper to taste. When it cooked (the pink color looked wonderful), I drained the excess oil in kitchen towel and sprinkled vegetable furikake on top and sides of salmon. I inserted the lemon wedge on side.
* Grapes in silicon cups, added with edamame
* Some edamame (again) in food picks
* A cherry tomato, topped with takuan flower and cheese. Once again, use the pasta to keep both takuan and cheese in their place. *Yeah, I can imagine how kids carry their boxes and I don't want this cute lunch will look awful during opening*

Happy lunch o:)


Pinkbuble on 4:17 PM said...

Yen, kau TOP! ga ada matinye..bento mu tetep aja kreatip en unik ^^

Journal Mommy Yenny on 4:44 PM said...

@ Pinkbuble, thanks a lot Elrica :)
Elo sendiri keren with your beauty blog...Gue suka baca diem2 karena gak ngerti dandan hahaha!


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