Friday, September 16, 2011

Bento #150

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 5:09 PM
Hoorraaayy ... 
This mark my number 150 in bento making!
I didn't expect earlier that I will reach this number but well, here I am now.

miss L's

Mister J had exactly the same lunch as miss L's while mister B didn't have his box. He is off from school for every Friday. However, I didn't have a chance to shot it this morning. Hubby already said "let's go..." to them  :b

Inside the box: white steamed rice decorated with purple-flower sweet potato and edamame, fried chicken wings with heart steamed carrots, sauteed green vegetable with baby corn and some strawberry pieces.

In the middle of those flowers, I placed the punched-out cheese sheet. 
Ah, I am certainly in love with this crunchy sweet potato.

Meanwhile, I am still struggling with all of my schedules as next week I will be on business trip to North and South America. Let's see if I still can do one or two bento before I leave.

Wish everyone a delightful weekend  ^.^


Ꮮуռ (ᶬˠ ᶩᶤᵗᵗᶥᵋ ᵐᵋˢˢᵞ ᴻ ᶜʱᵋᵋᵏᵞ) on 5:07 PM said...

Congrats on your 150 bentos, Yenny! ;D
Love these cute little purple flowers and the cute leaves! ;)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Journal Mommy Yenny on 1:01 PM said...

@ Lyn Trinix, hi Lyn...thanks a lot for your warm comment...

Bentobird on 2:17 AM said...

150 is a milestone--so many cute bentos, Yenny! I love the deep purple flowers in your latest creation. So pretty!!

Journal Mommy Yenny on 10:50 PM said...

@ Bentobird, thanks a lot Jenn. So sweet of you


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