Friday, November 12, 2010

Bento in Weekend

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 10:36 PM
These bentos were made on last Thursday and Friday. It is just that I did not have time yet to upload them until now.

Bento #91 three musketeers

Bento for mister J, composed of 3 mini triangle onigiri, sauteed bean sprout with egg and boiled carrots punched-outs, kani apple and some grapes.
The onigiri were decorated with beef floss for hair and nori for facial expressions.

On the other hand, miss L had pancake for her lunch box. Yes....again...:p

Bento #92 spaghetti

Somebody was asking for a spaghetti for Friday's lunch box :b
Fully aware that edamame is not in perfect compatibility with spaghetti, but I just wished to add veggie for him. The tiny cubes were cheese. In white little box was sliced dragonfruit.

Bento #93

I was so excited that during last Friday, a friend Liza sending me some bento sheets. One of them was a sheet of Winnie the Pooh, which I used for miss L's box.
On right-sided box, it had white steamed rice covered with beef floss and decorated with Pooh's happy face from cheddar cheese. On left-sided box, it composed of stir-fry long bean with carrot-cube and some dragonfruit pieces.

using Winnie the Pooh bento sheet
Here it is again in closer shot. Thank you, Liz, for sending me these sheets!
I will use other sheets in future bento makings for sure. I have uploaded these bento #93 pictures in facebook for your promotional tool :b


Sysyl on 11:15 PM said...

waahhhh...liat yg kaya' gini malem2 bikin tambah laper nih :D
salam kenal mbak ^o^)/

Belzy on 1:10 AM said...

huaaaaa lucu2 amat bento nya yen. itu poohnya lucu benerrr.....ah gue kalo ke sini sih beneran cuma nango deh ngliatin bento2 elo yen....

Bethanie on 7:44 AM said...

I LOVE your faces onigiri! Where did you get your punches from? I can't find any for less than $18! :D
It all looks yummy!

Patzie on 5:57 PM said...

YEAH!! Im surprised that u have made those bento alot!!!
GOOD JOB SIS!!! love them all
n would really love u if u made it for gizelle... wkwkwk...*kabur*

Journal Mommy Yenny on 12:57 PM said...

@ Sysyl, salam kenal juga ya...bikin laper ya :b

@ Belzy, thanks say...itu pooh stencilnya dapet dari Liza

@ Bethanie, for this box, the puncher was obtained as free item from bento book purchased some time ago. Thank you for your nice comment

@ Patzie, thanks ya
jadi tetangga gue yuk... :D

Angeleyes on 1:30 PM said...

Oooohhh... what yummy bento you have there!
Love the 3 onigiri's expressions...

KidsDreamWork on 1:57 PM said...

Love the way you twisted the spaghetti around the endamame, makes them look so nice in the bento and also the 3 onigiri musketeers!

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:43 PM said...

@ Angeleyes, thanks a lot Alice

@ Kidsdreamwork, thank you very much, Ai Ping. Just try to make a different look to usual spaghetti :)

Lia Chen on 3:20 PM said...

Cute bento overload hahaha ... love it all Yen! Love that mini face puncher from Karaimame's new bento book, very useful although I had some problem with punching out the mouth part. Mine unfortunately not sharp enough on that part. Lovely Pooh and spaghetti just awesome :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 1:08 PM said...

@ Lia Chen, haa..since you already mentioned it, mine is not sharp enough too by mouth part.
Thanks a lot Lia :)


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