Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bento #47 Chicken Teriyaki

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 10:52 AM

It is my first time to cook chicken teriyaki
Well, apparently it is not difficult at all.

Put the chicken breast by the skin side on preheated pan until browned. Then flip over and add each tablespoon of sugar, soy sauce and rice wine. I did not specifically follow the measurements in recipe though. Reduce the heat and cover until meat is tender. Be careful as it may scorch easily. Shake the pan for even glazed before remove it from heat. It smells nice too! The kids were quietly taking a bite before being reminded that it was meant for their lunch. He he he.

Beneath the chicken is shredded nori before white steamed rice. Included inside the box are steamed corn, fresh grapes and strawberries. Just think to put cuteness for them, by adding white cheese happy-face on cob. Facial is done by cut-outs nori.

I also post this to What's For Lunch, Wednesday week 11

Wish they will have a quick recovery from cold. The virus had affected little Sebastian too *hiks*


sherimiya on 1:11 PM said...

Wow; looks really delicious! I like the way you sliced and present it too. So many different variations on the recipe, you could change it slightly each time. Very nice bento pair!

Shannon on 1:26 PM said...

I love this, especially the cute little faces on the corn. :o) I need to try making chicken teriyaki sometime, we all love it but I have never tried to cook it.

Thanks for linking up this week! :o)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 1:58 PM said...

@ Sherimiya, thank you for your nice comment. Yes, in next chance, with this recipe, I will try to put it in skewers as to imitate yakitori

@ Shannon, you are welcome and thank you for sweet comment. Please do try sometime :-)

Lia Chen on 7:29 PM said...

Chicken teriyaki looks so yum! Cute corns too ... Hope your kids are ok Yen.

Journal Mommy Yenny on 1:23 PM said...

@ Lia Chen, thank you so much, Lia
i'm still eye-ing on them :-p

kartika on 2:38 PM said...

bikinin buat gua jg dong Yen..

Journal Mommy Yenny on 3:10 PM said...

@ kartika, hehehe boleh...trus ngirimnya..?? hehehhe
Bercanda elo ah...
Kaga pede-lah gue bikinin bento buat org yg jago masak kaya elo, tik... :-D


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