Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bento #23 singing bird

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 12:34 PM is a good chance to practice on bento-making so I will be ready when kids start their school days on 12th July.

In yellow round box, I put in pink fried rice, steamed broccoli and two quail-birds seated on crispy chicken cubes.

The slightly pink color was obtained by frying rice with ketchup. Sprinkled with salt and pepper only to taste.
I do not yet have suitable puncher, thus I was using black sesame seeds to form bird's eyes and mouth.
For crispy chicken, I used boneless breast, cut into cubes. Seasoned with soy sauce, pinch of pepper and sugar. After kept away in fridge for 10 minutes, I dipped them into flour then to beaten egg and finally to breadcrumb. Finished it by deep-fried them.

The small white box contained peeled oranges, grapes and strawberry-mice.

The idea of strawberry mice was coming from Family Fun
It is so cute and I could not resist to try it. I missed the tail, though.

This time, I'd carried them in hurry to my office and had them as my breakfast..! ha ha ha...


RoseBelle on 1:09 PM said...

The strawberry mice is so cute! My daughters just had strawberries with blueberries today and they were just playing around with the fruits trying to form shapes and faces.

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:20 PM said...

@ Rosebelle, agree with is so cute! ha ha..hugs for your daughters

nomad girl on 6:48 PM said...

Gilleeee....berapa lama nih bikinnya???? ck ck ck...
salut salut.....gue demen sih strawberry tapi sebel euyy ama tikus...

Journal Mommy Yenny on 9:52 PM said...

@ nomad girl, semua gue bikin semalam sebelumnya, cen :
goreng nasi pink
rebus telur puyuh
cetak block not keju
goreng crispy chicken
time needed: 1 hr
nah, paginya tinggal gunting nori, pasang mulut & mata quail, pasang choco chips di strawberry
time needed: less than 30 mnt
tapi cute kan tuh strawberry mice?

Anonymous said...

The singing birds and strawberry mice are so cute! :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:47 AM said...

@ susanyuen, thank you, susan!


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