Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bento #22 Colorful box

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I had posted this too in Bento Summer School. The theme for this week is colorful box.

Inside the first-tier box was white rice with black-sesame-seed Hello Kitty and mini hamburger.

Second-tier box had half-peeled mini mandarin, some strawberries and grapes, a glazed baby carrot, stir-fried stringbean with sprinkled white sesame seed and a skewer of local cucumbers with cherry tomato. A cute blue cup inserted in contained of ketchup for mini hamburger. Earlier, I was thinking to put BBQ sauce, but kids prefer ketchup to BBQ sauce.

For most recipes, I refer to Kawaii Bento Boxes book such as recipe for mini hamburger and glazed carrot which I had prepared them a night before.

Preparing mini hamburger was quite easy. Combined ground beef with minced onion, chopped
carrot, one raw egg, breadcrumbs and some milk. Sprinkled with a dash of salt and pepper.
Kneaded as needed until sticky and shaped round the patty. Makes 6 - 12 pieces. I put them into freezer for later use.

For glazed carrot, I do not have ready baby carrot in my fridge. Thus, I made them by half-cut the carrot and softened the edges with small knife to resemble baby carrot.
Later in the morning, the carrot was boiled with some water, butter and a pinch of sugar.
While waiting for carrot to be done, I cut-out cucumbers to star and heart shape then put them into a skewer with cherry tomato. I should remember for next time to use zuchini since local cucumber is quite watery.

Last touch was to have Hello Kitty on top of white rice.
I used stencil and it was my first time to use it so I should do more practice :-p

While kids saw mini hamburgers, they called them "crabby-patty"
Well, I guess, they are too much of watching Sponge Bob Square Pants :-D

I was decorating the rice when my hubby entered the kitchen and announced "I am hungry" then,"Do you have something for me? hm, how about this one?" with his finger pointing to the box and continued "well, you do not have to nicely create my breakfast"

I just replied "Please wait, I will need to take shots of these before give them to you"
I took them under natural lights and used no camera's flash. Hopefully the pictures are good.

Eventually, hubby ate them up, right from the box since kids are in school holidays now.


pinkbuble on 7:04 PM said...

Cakep amat..

once_alifetime on 9:34 PM said...

Bagusnya. Gua penasaran soal stensilan hello kity, maksudnya gmn? Kalau boleh ada peragaannya dong hihi...

Belzy on 10:00 PM said...

aih...aih...yennnn elo sih yeee, bisaaaa aja itu bikin hello kitty ditengah tuh. Trus rapi gituuu...oalahhhh bento kan butuh kesabaran tingkat tinggi...hohohoh

Journal Mommy Yenny on 10:25 PM said...

@ pinkbuble, thank you el

@ once a lifetime, boleh aja tuh elisa...di posting yg berbeda nanti ya...

@ belzy, ada stencil nya bel...gue bukan bikin sendiri gitu...sama...gue jg kagum ama ke-gape-an elo masak macem2...:-D

Lia Chen on 10:55 PM said...

So colorful! Very good food combination, well done Yen :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:06 PM said...

@ Lia, thank you so much for your encouragement :-p

RoseBelle on 4:00 AM said...

Hello Kitty bento box is something that would entice my daughters so much to finish their food! How pretty.

I'm your newest follower!

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:53 PM said...

@ Rosebelle, thank you for your nice comment. Yeah, I am a big fan of Hello Kitty :-D It's nice to know you.

kartika on 3:23 PM said...

seandainya anak gua mau makan spt itu...

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:15 PM said...

@ kartika, emang susah makan, ka..?

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:45 PM said...

@ elisa, gue posting stencil nya di new bento post for today http://momlunajovann.blogspot.com/2010/08/bento-48-hello-kitty.html
semoga ngebantu yaaa..


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