Friday, June 18, 2010

bento #12-18

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In the box were chicken rice.
They just love it, as usual...


This is for my hubby
Inside was stir-fried bean sprout with tofu, sliced kiwi and white rice wrapped with nori.


For her, tiny size of shaped-rice, combined with chicken nuggets and stir-fried baby corn.
The cute yellow elephant was sitting on mini pie with cream filling.
She recently loved it and requested it to be included into the box


For him, same foods as in #14
notice the difference....
Bigger portion of white rice and fewer pieces of cream pie


This is for the "big kid" a.k.a. my hubby
It was during school-break period thus I prepared the box for him
The tricky part, was to do sausage sunshine.
The rest was relatively easy, steamed green squash and crab-claws
I have learned sausages sunshine from Kawaii bento book.
I had to fry 4 pieces of them before getting a nice sunshine look-alike. Yes, this was the 5th one!
no worry, practice makes perfect...:-p
The comment received *also head-shaking* from him was "you must be quite diligent to do this..." Well, I took it as a compliment ;-)


Ahaa...I was excited for 2 things
the new transportation food picks and farm-animal pasta.
It is rice and corn pasta, with gluten-free, egg-free, wheat-free, dairy-free ....etc..long list to go.
Following instruction, I boiled them until al-dente, drained and put aside.
Afterwards, chopped a portion of onion, put into frying pan with a splash of cooking oil.
Tossed in minced ground beef when onion turned yellowish, together with frozen vegetables.
Sprinkled with salt and pepper. Voila...done!
One thing to practice about...making a rolled-egg...ouch!

Three of them were eating this, simply said the food was delicious! and were asking for some more. Ups...sorry, kiddo... you have eaten them all. I should remember to increase the cooking-portion next time.


Finally, I have made the box for myself.
I prefer fruits to rice, so I put in some sliced kiwi and oranges
On top of white rice was kani flower and edamame, also black sesame seeds
By middle part, was chikuwa rolls stuffed with sliced sausages.

Happy lunch...!


Journal Mommy Yenny on 8:49 PM said...

@ clo, oiya? kapan2 coba lagi..reaksi terhadap makanan baru kali...
matahari yang gagal, dimakan..hehehehe
gagalnya karena gue balik, jd kuningnya pecah dan mateng/keras gitu. Ada jg yg jadi bleber..weleh...

Journal Mommy Yenny on 9:33 PM said...

comment sebelumnya dari Xiao mommy Clo:

Clo has left a new comment on your post "bento #12-18":

Gw udah coba tumis spaghetti-nya tapi si bocah ternyata ga doyan nih..

Matahari-nya bagus tuh.. Niat banget bikinnya.. Yang gagal dimakan ato dibuang yen?

Xiao, ups...sorry banget, gak tau gimana kena click "reject" saat comment moderation...

|0|0... on 6:34 AM said...

wahh bentonya lucu2..rajin banget >.< kl bkn bento begini cepet ato lama? aku pgn coba cuma kan kalo lama apa kburu bikin sblm kerja..he3..btw,salam kenal ^^

Journal Mommy Yenny on 8:42 PM said...

@ simplyme, hi salam kenal juga ya
pertama kali bikin lama (plus frustasi karena bentuknya gak bagus)
lama2 bisa antara 20 - 30 menitan gitu
biasanya gue siapin bahan semalam sblmnya dulu. biar pagi bisa langsung beraksi.
tapi seru koq..karena bento stuff nya juga banyak dan lucu2...dicoba deh...:-D


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