Saturday, April 26, 2008


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Well, this movie was advertised in LH flight and I was attracted to its ads.
However, I did not wait for it, since it was played by mid night
(according to jakarta time) and chose to sleep.

Nevertheless, when I suddenly waken up, the movie was just started.
I must admit, I enjoyed watching it and it is a good movie
It is a tragicomedy about 16-years-old pregnant teenage who giving up her
upcoming baby to perfect parents. Well, at least perfect in her thought they were.
It turned out in despite of the wive's desperate desires to have a baby,
the husband is not ready yet for fatherhood and decides to leave her and
the marriage altogether.

This teen -Juno- was played beautifully by Canadian actress, Ellen Page.
I was so surprised while reading its review in LH magazin afterwards,
learning that the actress is 24 years old!
I believe the act should be done according to how 16-years-old must behave
but her face and figure were unbelievably perfect for it.

She has a petite figure and the youth that made me accept she was that young.
The movie was made under USD 1.5 million budget and had collected USD 100 million
in USA alone. This is fantastic.
Jennifer Gardner was so good in supporting Ellen Page as her adopted mom of her son.
Better see "Juno" for yourself. I won't tell the ending.


nomad girl on 8:56 AM said...

yup,..saw 'Juno' when it came out in the cinemas.
She kinda reminds you of me isn't it? the youth and petite figure? :p


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