Saturday, June 9, 2007

Free Trial in Tumbletots

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Today we are having free trial in Tumbletots Mall taman Anggrek.
Join the class walking - 2 years, time is at 9.30 am.
Quite enthusiastic, we've arrived in the mall at 9.10 am, where most workers were mopping the floor and polishing the stairs. The lights were even still out. Nevertheless, my earliest experience at the mall was at 7.00 am to enter gym.
Anyway, we went straight to tumbletots. Not suprisingly, they were making preparations in play area. It looks fun and tempting.

Luna was patiently waiting for class with her continues question of "What is that, mom?" while pointing at their decorative walls.
In other hand, Jovann was very anxious. He did not want to be parted from his daddy. while his daddy wanted to look around.

When the class finally started, they both were still in doubt to play with others. The class started with some physical activities, like rolling on mattress, climbing on mini stairs, stepping on blocks like gymnastics do, crawling into ... something (I don't know what is called) and jumping on trampholin. At first, they done okay with the roll and climb, but refused to the step, crawl and jump. Well, after few minutes, they gave it a try and started to like it.
Afterwards, the coaches took out a piece of thin plywood with some hole on it. The holes are in triangle, rectangular, square and other shapes, also one bucket of small bean bags.
Everyone of the children will take one bean bag, run to where the plywood placed, and throw bean bag thru the hole of shape.
Well, this activity gave excitement to Luna but not as much as to Jovann. We know that he likes to throw things to us at home. So he found that this was his golden opportunity to throw things without our yell of "NO", it even got cheer on. So, he was so happy on this game, laughed a lot, ran as fast as he could and most of times, took 2 bean bags at once. The coach even had to tell him "only one, please". Hahahahahaaa.....

Then, they had "break" session, where all of them would sat on carpetted floor and sang some songs.
Oh, here came the trouble. Both of them are unable to sit still. We encouraged Jovann to sit down, but we failed to do so on Luna.
As predictably, she cried on top of her lungs and reacted in tantrum. It was so terrible that her nanny and I had to calm her out of classroom. It never easy in calming her down these few days but we have no other options.

Few minutes had passed in taking care of Luna, the class began with physical activities again. I persuaded Luna to re-enter and join the class. She seemed to get sleepy. She was ok to enter the class but reluctant to get to floor. So, I carried her around the class while hoping she will get interested once again. Meantime, Jovann enjoyed his activities.
Then, they took out one box of coloured plastic balls and asked children to throw the balls into cloth bag. Wow, Luna was instantly get off from my arms while, I don't have to say anything about him. This is his favourite game already!

For closing, they sat in circle once again on carpetted floor, sang one song, introduced Luna and Jovann as new comers and distributed a sticker of tumbletots for each kid.
Finally the class was over.

Well, after dismissing from class, we went around mall. Not long afterwards, both of them felt asleep. Luna took her nap in 1.5 hours while Jovann had his in 2.5 hours. Poor kids...they must be exhausted! Until now, we have not decide yet to enroll kids into Tumbletots. My husband asked my opinion about it. I think it should have some benefits for them and I'm thinking to have it once a week. They have the class in twice and three times a week. However, we do not have manpower to deliver them to mall if they were scheduled more than once a week.


nomad girl on 1:25 PM said...

wuhahahahahahahaha...sounds fun!! can I join in?!? hehehehehe

journal mommy on 9:43 PM said...

you are very much welcome


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