Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Princess' Behaviour

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 11:40 PM
Lately, I noticed that Luna is very clingy to me. Whenever i'm around, she will ask me to hold her up and never wants to get down then. Even if i just release her for a minute to have her walking on her own, she will chase me, grab my legs and cry hysterically. Yes, sometimes, her behaviour is driving me nuts, although i more less quite understand the reason why. This behaviour will be repeated whenever i just return from my trips, which most of times, it is more than one week long. Perhaps she just misses me so much and scares if i may leave her again. This point of view will leave my heart feel so guilty. Her weirdness will dissapear in few weeks ahead but it will always re-appearing until (maybe) she will get used to it someday.
In the other part of my heart, i'm glad that she missed me. Unlike Jovann who acts as normal as he seems to be before and after my absence. So frankly speaking, I worry if i left some sadness for her heart and at the same time, i get worry if Jovann doesn't really care if i'm around or not. Ouch!
Jovann showed some sign of missing me but not as dramatic as Luna does.
I try to console myself by saying those kids have different character. Perhaps, that's how it is. Luna has her characters and Jovann has his. Within inside, Luna resembles myself. She is hard-headed and always know what she wants. Jovann is hard-headed too and sensitive, just like my hubby, Handoko. He can't show his feelings just like that.
I will have my whole life to learn about this matter...... hiks.....;D
I love you so much, yes hubby, Luna and Jo



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