Monday, August 11, 2014

Bento again

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 1:21 PM
Hi all,

How are you?
We are back to office and school after long holiday due to Moslem New Year 28 July until 1 August.
It was a major holiday in Indonesia and it was a good chance for families to travel out of town. At the same time, most of people were also using this opportunity to go back to their hometown in celebrating new year. Thus the roads were all packed. We have managed to escape for three days only to Lembang, Bandung. We visited some farms and outdoors playing fields. Kids just loved it!

Here are some bento that I have made

Inside the box:
* Furikake sprinkled white rice
* Blanched broccoli
* Ham, to form piggie, hen and bunny
* BBQ chicken wings
* Sauteed green squash with sausage
* Carrots
* Green grapes
* Tamagoyaki
The ham represents the Chinese astrology of our family.
Both of us have Rabbit sign, the twins have Rooster sign and the little boy has Pig sign :)

Last week, we had a playdate with some of the kids' friends.
Again, we visited another farm, Kuntum Nursery
Here are the bento that I made for kids and their friends

for mister Nathan

for miss Hilary and Kimmy

for my kiddos

All the bento have the same menu. I just made an adjustment in onigiri. The brown bear was for the boy while the hello kitty was for the girls.

Inside the boxes:
* onigiri brown bear or hello kitty, decorated with chicken floss (bear), nori, cheddar cheese and kani (ribbon)
* blanched broccoli
* chikuwa (under the broccoli)
* tamagoyaki
* fried nuggets (store-bought)
* apple pieces and green grapes
* flower-y carrots
* quail eggs
* edamame
* yellow and white duckies also white sleepy rabbit food picks to add cheerfulness for kids.

I had a hard time in carving the star and love onto the quail eggs ^_^ will try to better do it Haha! Oh yes, I filled chicken floss for the kitty.

Most importantly, they enjoyed togetherness and had a great time ! yaaayyy... {^,^}


nomad girl on 9:48 AM said...

eh? itu quail egg nya loe carve manual? bukannya ada alat nya yah?

Rina @ Bento School Lunches on 8:20 PM said...

They are all super cute bentos and now they are making me so hungry!:) Looks delish!

Journal Mommy Yenny on 5:49 PM said...

nomad girl: hehee iya ada puncher nya, tapi diangkat putihnya aja manual pakai pisau kecil

Journal Mommy Yenny on 5:50 PM said...

Rina: thank you for your sweet comment as always :)


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