Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy birthday to you!

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 9:06 PM is his birthday!!
My other half...
Wishing you all the great and wonderful things in life.

Here is a bento for you.

Koi Bento

He loves the fish so much and we have a pool of Koi or Nishikigoi inside our home.
His fondness made him taking well maintenance from designing the pool (yeaa, including those complicated pump and filtration system to keep the water clear...) until caring the health of those fishes. And some Koi's championship trophies are within his possession too.

I do not share the same passion but rather enjoy only for the beauty of the Koi.
One thing amazed me and I quote this from Wikipedia "Koi will recognize the persons feeding them and gather around them at feeding times. They can be trained to take food from one's hand"
Cool, eh..?
So for those of you whom are thinking to get this as a hobby (although I do not encourage you to ... Hahaha!) you can talk to my husband. Believe me, he can talk about it for hours and hours {^,^}

Back to my bento, inside the box, he has:
* Koi's onigiri, decorated with kani for red-markings and nori for eyes.
I just made the onigiri by hand, not in bad-shape at all, I guess... :D The tricky part is to do the curved tail.
Put some chicken floss underneath onigiri, just to give some color contrast. 
* Sauteed green beans with toasted white sesame seeds, boiled quail eggs and chopped ham.
* Chocolate pudding
* Chicken teriyaki in separate green bowl. I do not want to "push my luck" by include this into the box and spoil the whole appearance. However, just in case he needs something more fulfilling, he can finish the chicken, of course.

So...what are you waiting for...? Yuuummmm!!

See ya next time


nomad girl on 1:37 PM said...

oopppsss...forgot to wish him Happy Birthday....
Happy Belated Birthday!

Journal Mommy Yenny on 3:21 PM said...

nomad girl: thanks sis :)


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