Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Meet Brown and Cony

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 3:34 PM
Anyone using LINE lately?
Disclaimer: I am not a representative of LINE and do not intend to promote it either.

But it did inspire me for today's bento.
They have stickers that kids and I like, some of them are Brown and Cony.

Inside the box:
* Plain bread, decorated as Brown. Filled and smeared with chocolate paste.
On top is cheese sheet for nose and punched nori.
* Plain bread, decorated as Cony. Filled with cheese sheet.
On top is cheese sheet for hand, kani for her ears and cheek, also punched nori for facial expression.
* Boiled squared tofu, edamame and rose apples.
By the way, the rose apples came from our own front yard. The tree is so productive!

At first, I wanted to make round shapes for both Brown and Cony as to closely imitate the original stickers. However, considering that my girl will usually swing her lunchbox back and forth, I took the safe way in shaping the bread.
For a quick glance, perhaps my work isn't the best imitation but I admire the kids' imagination. Upon finishing, kids directly asked me "you do Brown and Cony, don't you?"

Geezzz... :D


Bentobird on 1:41 AM said...

You know when a bento's cuteness factor just makes you grin? This one had that effect on me!

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:38 PM said...

Bentobird: how sweet of your comment, Jenn :) you make my day, dear

Rina @ Bento School Lunches on 8:39 PM said...

Awww, this bento is so cute, I love it! We love bears :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 5:32 PM said...

Rina: thank you so much, Rin... You always so kind with your words :)

Anonymous said...

uda 8 taon aja yah si twins ini :))
Cepet beneeer :))

Journal Mommy Yenny on 4:32 PM said...

Pinkbuble: iya El hehehe :) Nanti elo juga akan ngalamin hal yang serupa :D


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