Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bento Japchae

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This week, kids started to get back to school. I am quite relieved since they were being excited so much within last days of holiday and kept telling me about the date for the first day.
The twins now are in 3rd grade and the little boy is in kindergarten. He will be a first grader by next year! Suddenly, I can't believe myself having some (pre-) grown-ups in my house :D

A slightly different story, we went to a supermarket during weekend. Out of the blue, hubby said about craving for Japchae (Korean glass noddle) and asked me which kind of noodle to buy. I just realize that the noodle (or dangmyeon = vermicelli to be exact) is made from sweet potato. The look is thick, greyish in color and packed in plastic bag. When immersed into hot water for few minutes, the color becomes translucent. We can find dangmyeon in big chained supermarkets, in Asian food section, if we do not wish to stop by to a Korean supermarket.

So, on last night, I have all the ingredients needed for making Japchae. 
I refer to this recipe. But still, I made tiny adjustments.
Everyone in my home have strong taste, so from original recipe, I added a bit more portion of both sweet and salty soy sauce, white pepper also sesame oil.
Besides, as for dongmyeon in the pot, I kept it to boil with the small fire for a few more minutes, just to make sure myself.

I have these too...
white one for miss L and green one for mister J
New bento boxes for twins.
They are getting taller now in shape and also bigger in their appetite. I need to upgrade their boxes' volume, rite? *with big grin* Of course, aside from it, I just simply can't resist these cute boxes.

It has top-shallow-removable and below-deep compartments. 
This is what I made for them.

bento 267
Inside the box
* Japchae: stir fry carrot, zucchini, yellow bell pepper, mushroom (all julienned) with minced garlic and onion. Add the drained vermicelli and seasonings (salt, pepper, sesame oil, granulated sugar, sweet and salty soy sauce). Sprinkled the top with toasted sesame seeds.
* green apple pieces
* red apple pieces
* mini mandarin pieces
* edamame

It is a simple bento really.

Happy lunch and happy back to school \>.</



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