Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bento 240 Rainy day

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 2:43 PM
It is so sad recently that Jakarta is in heavy flood since last Thursday. Even major roads are covered with water. Our house is in suburb area, thus not so much affected except from traffic jam. However, our parents, in-laws and most friends are still reside in the city. Some have water inside the houses. For those who lucky enough to stay in higher ground, are not able to go out as the surrounding roads are flooded. 

Our heart and prayers go to the flood victims #prayforJKT
Right now many rescue teams are working really hard to evacuate the Jakartans.

This is a bento made for mister J

rain rain go away....

He has white steamed rice covered with nori. On top of nori are umbrellas -made from hanpen, sprinkled with furikake. Also hard-boiled eggs, sauteed veggie (green squash, baby corn and carrot), some grapes and apples.

Take care, friends



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