Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bento 238 Here comes the snowman

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 10:57 PM
A bento right before Christmas day...
Can't promise if I won't do another one in the last minute :)

Inside the box: brown rice (from mixing white steamed rice with sweet soy sauce), snowman, flower carrots, blanched broccoli, chikuwa (unseen underneath broccoli), tofu sandwich as "gift", peeled mini mandarins and frozen raspberry.

The snowman made from two quail eggs. The idea was coming after seeing Sheri's amazing work. I inserted angel hair pasta, so the eggs always will stick together ha..ha.. The nose was from carrot while eyes and mouth were from nori, as usual. The buttons were from kani sheet. I used the same kani sheet to add "band and ribbon" on tofu.

Eventually, I presented this bento to a close friend while wished her a Merry Christmas with her family.

Anyway.... I am baking right now. 
My family will have a Christmas lunch and I certainly hope the cake will be delicious :b 

What's your planning for Christmas?
Wish you have a great one! Happy holidays...



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