Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bento 200

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 4:49 PM
200th of bento post... 
A milestone ... :)

...And today is Mayday...

Usually it is none of the extraordinary day ...except for it is my mom in-law's and some friend's birthdays ....but today there were some labor strikes nearby my workplace.
We knew about it a day before and decided to have a car-pooling. 

Well, it turned out well-organized for the demonstration and I can simply revert my thought back to bento... :b

The duck and rabbit foodpicks added the sweetness of this lunch

They had: chicken karaage, breaded fried tofu, white steamed rice with edamame, boiled heart-shaped carrots and some mandarin pieces in a paper cup

This is mine

Seeing Sherimiya's post sometime ago, I remember that I have this 4-section box that I seldom use.
I had almost the same menu with the kid's but minus the chicken, and added for -all blanched- green squash, baby corn and an olive....also gari..just for the color.

Happy Mayday ... stay safe {^.^}


Rina @ Bento School Lunches on 8:17 PM said...

Happy 200 post and looking forward for more from you! Love the bentos, so neat and yummy :) I would love making rice for his school( we eat rice almost daily) but have to use ice pack and everything turns out cold during lunch time.Do you use ice packs too??

Journal Mommy Yenny on 10:11 AM said...

Hi sweet Rina, thanks for your comment :)
I never use ice pack for bento. All the food are in room temperature during packing and they are fine with that. I concern if using ice pack will make their lunches cold during consumption, just like you said. But is it a good idea to use ice pack when you have salad or fruits bento? Just an idea. We have some blue ice packs which I used from my days of pumping breast milk. However I rather not to have it for bento since I imagine kids will accidentally forget to bring it back later on...haha..! Let alone my worry for those foodpicks be safely returned home. I don't want to add with ice pack too. LOL!!


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