Monday, June 27, 2011

Ipod !

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 11:35 AM
Somebody is so kind in letting me to have this ipod! that's my lil sister
Thank you :)

She sent the ipod with its USB-charger and I simply use it.

For the past years, I did not have any interest over the ipod and similar stuff. However, recently, I fall in love with podcast. I use it for learning Spanish and Japanese language. *Wheww...wipe the sweat out from forehead* Those languages are not so so easy for me..and it's kind of 'headache' learning two different languages at the same time. But I enjoy them so far.

For Spanish, I can use it for simple communication with my customers within Spain and some Latin America countries. Just to build a closer relationship. 
As for Japanese, I have started to learn this some years ago, not so much and not so serious. I thought, well, even though I am no longer in charged for the territory, I continue to learn since like it anyway

Let's hope these will last... LOL

She also filled the ipod with many many songs of her choice.
I couldn't dislike her preference and listen to them during sleeping time. Ah, heaven!


Arman on 12:06 PM said...

waaaa asaiknya dapet ipod... :D

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:34 PM said...

@ Arman, iya Man...lungsuran pula..udah banyak isinya hahahhaa

kartika on 3:45 PM said...

perbanyak nonton drama jpg Yen...kali aja membantu

Journal Mommy Yenny on 3:53 PM said...

@ Kartika, hohoho...makasih banyak sarannya ya

nomad girl on 8:33 PM said...

wahahahahhaa,.....bisa juga yach itu lagu-lagu nya dipertahankan...hueheuheu...gue tdnya juga gak yakin loe mesti re-format semua nya atau gak...happy listening...

Journal Mommy Yenny on 10:22 AM said...

@ nomad girl, hehehehee...gue gak sync the songs, cuma sync podcast nya aja. Daftar lagu2 elo masih lebih asik daripada lagu2 gue yg jadoel hahahhaa


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