Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bento #104 the lions

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 3:50 PM
Woohoo... We are already in year 2011...
Time really flies away..
Happy new year to all my bento pals..It's great to return to bento-making for my kids. 
This semester, they will have morning class. Instead of leaving home by 9.15 am for 10.00 am class like in the last 6 months, now they will be picked-up by 06.15 am to get into class of 7.00 am. Oh, no... 
In last semester, I have plenty time to prepare their boxes, but now I have to get up quite early and be quickly prepared. 

This morning, I have prepared these for them

Lion bento

The lions were made from egg sheets and sausages. I made egg sheets in square pan and half-folded them before placed them on top of white rice. I did not strain the egg mixture, believing that lion's body could not be too smooth :) While waiting for egg to get done, I slitted, formed a circle and pan-fried the sausages.
Later, I sauteed green leafy vegetable and put bento-stash of grilled chicken legs from last dinner's left-over. These boxes are done under prep. time of 30 minutes.

Their cute facial expression were done with punched nori, as usual.
Hm, one thing that I forgot, was to put a food pick. I should place one to keep the sausage-head to run away from its egg-body. LOL.

Anyway, as usual, kids were running downstairs and screaming "what's for lunch, mom...?" 
I was happy enough to hear them said "It's a lion...!" before they grabbed their boxes and rushed off to school's minivan.

Welcome back to school !


Bento Cat on 7:58 PM said...

Hi Yenny, just came across ur blog from twitter n started following it. school bus picking up at 0615h?!! thats so early! what time do u have to get up to prepare bentos for your little ones?

Sysyl on 1:19 AM said...

Happy new year! Idenya kreatif deh mbak, aku nggak pernah kepikiran bikin lion dari sosis :)

nomad girl on 12:48 PM said...

hahahaha...I love how you always diferentiate the expressions in each bento. Somehow I can tell which one is J's and which one is L's..

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:41 PM said...

@ BentoCat, hi Shanna...nice to know you and thank you for following.
Yes, it is too early :)
I have to get up by 5.30, but it is a good thing, though. I learn to limit myself in making bento within 30 minutes.
Otherwise the kids will miss their ride LOL

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:42 PM said...

@ Sysyl, makasih Syl..idenya dari buku juga koq...:b

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:42 PM said...

@ nomad girl, hahahaa..thanks lil sister
you are so attentive

Bethanie on 2:30 AM said...

Love the lions! Roar!!


Journal Mommy Yenny on 12:38 AM said...

@bethanie, thank you so much for nice comment. You are so sweet


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