Monday, October 25, 2010

Bento #86

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 2:00 PM
Hello kitty is always be my favourite hehehe.. so I would not mind to often have it. I need to make sure they would not mind it too. 

This is the lunch box for miss L. The salmon sausage flower was done with mini cutter. The shrimp was taken from last night's dinner. Other things would be boiled edamame and halved boiled quail eggs with paw print.

As I do both boxes, in mister J's lunch, I did not put the flower on the kitty's head. In fact, I decorated as if it was a bear instead of a kitty. Other stuff inside were exactly the same for both of them


OhayoBento on 4:44 PM said...

I love the paw print detail! I don't mind a lot of Hello Kitty either! :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 10:44 AM said...

@ OhayoBento, thanks a lot, Heather :)

Lia Chen on 11:45 AM said...

Hello Kitty always such a cute sweetheart! Miss L will ask for more, I'm sure ;) Love your heart sausage <3

pinkbuble on 12:05 PM said...

Oh my!! This is super cute Yen..

Journal Mommy Yenny on 5:40 PM said...

@ Lia Chen, agree with you. HK is adorable. Thanks a lot for nice words dear

@ Pinkbuble, thank you very much ya El :)

Sysyl on 11:20 PM said...

aku suka bgt sama hello kitty...bento ini juga suka, apalagi kalo gak cuma liat mbak...hahaha :D

Journal Mommy Yenny on 1:16 PM said...

@ Sysyl, hahhahaa thanks yaaa
ternyata banyak juga fans HK :p

renaxtya on 8:13 PM said...

Hai sis, salam kenal. I am newbie nih di per-bento an. mau tanya cara bikin sosisnya gimana ya? ada alatnya ga? trus beli cutter yang gambar not balok di amnakah? thks a lot sis

Journal Mommy Yenny on 10:33 AM said...

@ renaxtya, hi salam kenal juga and welcome to bento world ya
pasti seru banget koq. sosis dibelah trus permukaannya di-punched pakai cetakan berbentuk hati (pakai cetakan kue kering juga bisa) lalu sekelilingnya digurat sedikit, sebelum direbus.
perlengkapan bento skrg uda banyak yang jual, coba cek di facebook ada little bento house, coconute dotshop, carroussel en ville, dll. Hope it helps ya..selamat nge-bento...:b


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