Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bento #85

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 9:43 PM

I should have uploaded these since last Friday. Well, because of slow connection (once again), I gave up in posted them.

Alright, the blue box was for mister J and pink box was for miss L. One bento design for them, I just made some adjustments here and there.
First, was the carrot letter. For him, the letter was read as JOV, the nickname for him. At a glance it read as JOY, correct? well, at least he pronounced it correctly. For her, the letter composed as LUNA. Yup, they both excited to see their names on boxes. Just sprinkled furikake surround the letter to add nice touch-up.

The dishes were rolled string bean and baby corn with ham. I did not have a smooth ham sheets, thus I just tried my best to roll them up, tie with toothpicks and lightly fry a while. Just to eliminate the 'raw' smell of ham, because miss L would not like it. Due to the same reason, I also boiled the bean and corn for a minute. A long food pick had helped me to secure the roll.

By side of the ham, were slices of dragon fruits. I also put in a boiled quail egg, decorated as a boy with nori, for him, Another was decorated as a hen for her. The rosy cheeks were coming from a dab of ketchup.

On last Saturday, I just had a lunch date with Lia
It was my first time to meet her and she is just adorable. We talked about almost everything -not only about bento- and I've enjoyed our conversation. It is so fun to meet people whom shared the same interest in real-life and befriended with them :D


sherimiya on 10:33 PM said...

Your bento are getting very well-done and precise! Love the decorated eggs, ham rolls and dragonfruit. What a nice variety here. So glad you and Lia finally met. Lots of fun for you both :o)

Kelly Polizzi on 12:57 AM said...

Are you sure its a slow connection and not just Blogger? I am still having so much trouble uploading pics grr!

The eggs are so cute!

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:43 AM said...

@ Sherimiya, thank you so much for kind words. You are one of people who always give me the support :)

@ Kelly, on last Friday I saw that blogger will do picture uploading maintenance. So I also blame the slow connection since it was difficult for me to browse other site. Oh, you still in uploading trouble..yeah, that's so frustating :-) Hope the problem will fixed soon for you
Thanks for your sweet comment :)


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