Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bento #72 Mantou

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bento mantou
This is a lunch box for Luna, my girl.
Just recently I bought a pack of mantou. It is a Chinese steamed bun / bread. It usually available pre-cooked in frozen section of a supermarket. It can be steamed or deep-fried. The steamed bun is moist and can be eaten just like white bread. While the fried one is crisp, brownish and usually be eaten with sweetened condensed milk. I like both style :-D

This morning, I made the steamed mantou, cut the middle part -not thoroughly- thus filled each one with peanut butter and chocolate paste. On top of bun, was cheddar cheese in bear shape (my girl said, it was a mickey's head, which is alright with me *wide grin*). Some grape tomatoes were added in and also sliced dragon fruits.

Hope she will like it as this will be her first time to have mantou. But I am sure she will, for as long as she has choco and peanut butter, she will be just fine :-p


sherimiya on 11:29 AM said...

Simple and sweet. I wish we had dragon fruit readily available. Pretty!

Lia Chen on 1:49 PM said...

Love the deep-fried version with sweet condensed milk, but have to eat it while is warm. Hope your girl love the mantou so you can put in her bento more often :)

Angeleyes on 3:50 PM said...

I like it deep fried but I don't do that at home so only order when we eat out. They goes really well with chili crab sauce!

At home for bento I only steam them... hehhee

Anonymous said...

:) and I am just jealous you can get mantou that easily! ^_^
Great bento, loved the dragon fruit =)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 6:41 PM said...

@ Sherimiya, thanks a lot Sheri for nice comment

@ Lia Chen, as expected, she loves it hahhaa...can do some more in the future :-D

@ Angeleyes, yes, steamed them only by home cooking and it is also delicious with chili crab sauce ! *ow, you make me hungry* well, it seems we have similar taste between us

@ Karaimame, you are very welcome to come here and get them :-D
Thank you for sweet comment.

kartika on 7:50 PM said...

gua pikir cheesecake Yen hehehe...

eh kejunya warnanya orange bener..

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:17 PM said...

@ Kartika, itu NZ cheddar, warnanya emang orange banget ya..bagus dipake sebagai kombinasi warna :-p


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