Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bento #57 the piggy and #58 the birdy

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#57 the piggy

Today, the girl wants to have a burger. Last night, she said was seeing her class mate brought a burger and questioned why she never had one. Then I said will prepare one, complete with eyes and mouth. She directly replied, "oh, friend's burger has none of that..!" Being surprised with her reply, I just said OK then.

This morning, done with burger filled with ham, lettuce, sliced-cheese, mayo and ketchup, I couldn't resist to add ears and nose from cheddar, together with eyes and mouth from nori. Also a ribbon food pick as final touch. In small cup, she also has some peeled mandarins and dragon fruits.

When she took a peek to her box, she laughed so hard and yelled to hubby, "daddy, look! it's a pig!" I received her laugh as a compliment.

#58 the birdy

My son had clearly spoken his mind about being refused to have burger for lunch.
Well then, I made him a couple of birds from white rice. It was a good chance to try new rice mould he he..As I concern about the mess that he later will find, I put the birds in separate box. In blue box, he has some shrimps, smeared with white egg, bread crumb and deep fried. He also has some boiled tofu star and piglets then stuffed chikuwa with carrots. The same kind of fruits, peeled mandarins and dragon fruits, were added in the green cup.

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Lia Chen on 3:18 PM said...

Piggy burger is cute! Even they are twins but they have a different preferences for their bento. You are so good in accomodate their wishes :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 5:09 PM said...

@ Lia Chen, thanks a lot Lia
I'll take it as a challenge from them.
that's very sweet of you to say that.

KidsDreamWork on 5:55 PM said...

The piggy is so cute in really fat round shape!! :)

kartika on 7:11 PM said...

hihi lucu ya...

Kris on 12:18 AM said...

So cute! I love the little pig

Sonoma Bento on 3:09 AM said...

Love both of these bentos! The piggy burger is too cute and I love the little rice birds. What a cool rice mold. Hope they both enjoyed their lunches.

sherimiya on 11:46 AM said...

Surprising how different the twins are! Just like any brother sister I suppose. Makes for more fun in bentomaking, though! Very cute twin bento :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:55 AM said...

@ kidsdreamwork, thank you for your sweet comment. I also admire the smooth surface of the bread. Lucky me to get it :-)

@ kartika, iya lucu yah..kebetulan dapet roti nya bunder banget ya...jadi pas kalo dijadikan "piggy"

@ Kris, thank you for your visit and nice comment. Yes, they enjoyed their lunches

@ Sonoma bento, Thanks a lot, Michelle. yes, they enjoyed their lunches and said had a chance to show their boxes to some friends :-D yeah, kids are kids lol..

Journal Mommy Yenny on 12:50 PM said...

@ Sherimiya, many thanks Sheri. You are so correct. They are quite different as twins. Hm, always makes me feel challenged to meet their requests LOL


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