Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bento #53 made by kids

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 2:48 PM

This week, suddenly, many matters had raised, from home to office issues.

I woke up in one morning, headed to fridge and cooked pre-made chicken nuggets. While suddenly the kids asked me what was the menu for lunch and wondered if they may help.

After cooling-off the steamed nuggets, I let them made their own boxes
I just done a little help in filling babirang (Korean rice seasonings) to mini-bottles and ketchup to both yellow and green cups.

They put the cherry tomatoes too, along with some sliced dragon fruits, strawberries and grapes. Not to forget the musical note food picks.

Ha ha..I was quietly smiling behind their back during own boxes making due to expression of their face. Their looks stating that they were doing something important... :-D


nomad girl on 6:13 PM said...

hiks hiks,..jadi kaaaaannnngggggeeeennnnnnn....loe kasih liat blog loe ini gak ci?,..jadi mereka tau kalo hasil kerja mereka di pajang juga...

Sonoma Bento on 3:16 AM said...

So great Yenny! I love it when I make bentos with my step daughter. She just turned ten years old and she can do a lot more with me in the kitchen. She even makes written plans for her bentos. So fun! :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:19 AM said...

@ nomad girl, hehehehe belom tuh say
i will someday

@ Sonoma bento, thanks, Michelle
hahaha she's twice the age of my twins. Must be so much fun you have with her.
Sometimes the twins help me by taking utensils needed for cooking.. i just enjoying every stage of their development in the kitchen :-)


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