Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bento #52 Back to School

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 11:20 AM

Yup, it is a bento with theme "Back to School"
Although in here, my kids had returned to school since last July, but I gladly make these boxes for the twins.
I also include this post to The B.O.M.B. for August. Please click and join along!

The head-onigiri is filled with vegetable furikake.
The giant pencil is made from halved-boiled sausages. I put a bit of mozarella cheese on top of pencil as an eraser, while cheddar cheese is used for the hand. The lines in pencils are made from cut-outs nori, also for facial expression. I put a tiny kani sheet for cheeck-blush, while the hair is made from shredded egg sheets. One cute carrot-bow is 'clipped' to girl's hair :-p

Surround the girl / boy is punch-out carrots in apple-shaped, punch-out zucchini in flower-shaped, scatterred edamame and furikake again.

In top portion, I put some of pieces of dragon fruits, strawberries and grapes.

Have a nice day at school....!


Lia Chen on 12:41 PM said...

Great entry for this month BOMB! Looks so cute and big pencil is awesome hahaha ... love it :)

nomad girl on 1:58 PM said...

WHOA! double cute!!!!! I think this is my favourite of your bento so far, sis. Great Job!!

kartika on 3:12 PM said...

like this

Sonoma Bento on 6:18 PM said...

A wonderful entry for the Back to School theme!

美鈴 &彩香 on 9:02 PM said...

cute banget si...gw paling males dah kalo suruh bikin ginian..huhuhu

Patzie on 9:17 AM said...

btw si bas suka minta dibikinin lunch box jg ga?

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:32 AM said...

@ Lia Chen, thanks a lot, Lia for your lovely comment

@ nomad girl, thanks lil sis *hugs and kisses*

@ kartika, thank you for your "like" (serasa di facebook ya)

@ Sonoma Bento, thank you so much for your nice comment

@ syl, makasih..hehehe..sekali nyobain jd ketagihan neh :-p

@ Patzie, thanks pet *hug and kiss too*
Bastian belum minta...kadang dia ikut celingukan. Nanti kalo dia masuk sekolah deh pasti gue bikinin juga deh *sanggup gak ya bikin 3....=komat-kamit dalam hati*

Angeleyes on 2:03 PM said...

The set of boy and girl are so cute!!!!

Ah Boy's Mom on 2:07 PM said...

bagusss... mommy so creative.

Bobo on 10:44 AM said...

Adorable school kids :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:19 AM said...

@ Angeleyes, thank you, Alice for nice comment

@ Ah boy's mom, makasih lenaaa...

@ Bobo, thank you for your visit and sweet comment


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