Monday, August 16, 2010

Bento #48 Hello Kitty

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 2:14 PM
Today's lunch box is about Hello Kitty. Hm, I am using the giveaway set from Lia

I think this one is another friend of Hello Kitty. I do not know his name
But it is good to have him on top of rice.
Once, a friend of mine was asking about stencil.
Ok, this is what I call a stencil

Place it on top of white rice, and carefully pour in the black sesame seeds. I use small spoon for even distribution

then, lift up the stencil and voila...a cute bear is smiling back to you!

Also in the box is wakame with white sesame seeds inside long-square cup, fried chicken and some grapes.

For her, a hello kitty face-shaped rice

eyes and whiskers are made from nori cut-outs

The second box of hers, contained wakame, fried chicken, grapes and mini pound cake.

The pound-cake was made on last weekend and she loves it while he doesn't
The cake is decorated with cheese cut-out of kitty's face and added with chocolate paste for it's eyes , head-ribbon and whiskers.

I did the cheese on the night before and I glad I've done that
Apparently, it wasn't very easy to use sauce pen for a first-timer like me!


Sonoma Bento on 3:51 AM said...

So much cute Hello Kitty! I love it. I have a Hello Kitty posicle maker that works really well to make Hello Kitty shaped onigiri. I am sure your kids love this bento!

kartika on 1:18 PM said...

lucu yaa...

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:31 AM said...

@ sonoma bento, thanks for your nice comment, yes, they love it :-D

@ kartika, thank you, tik..:-p


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