Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bento #41 whose spaghetti?

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 7:12 PM

The kids are quite fond of spaghetti and I am not a fan of bottled or can sauce.
I prefer to make sweet sour sauce for them. It is quite easy by saute chopped onion and put in ground beef or some sausage cuts (I am eventually running out of ground beef) then pour in some water and some spoonful of ketchup. Sprinkle salt, pepper and crystal sugar to taste. It is done. I do not even have exact measurement for each ingredient. When I see the sauce has reached desired thickness, I remove it from stove.

2 things which give them excitement.

First, their name on the food, made from cut-out white cheese using alphabet cutters.
Second, the Toblerone bar.
I don't need further words about this ^o^


Lia Chen on 7:49 PM said...

Love the alphabets on the spaghetti! Woohoo ... Did they girls enjoy the cheese alpahabets? It's yummy and high calcium too:)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 10:24 PM said...

@ Lia Chen, thank you for your nice words. Yes, they both love it. hihihi actually Jovann is my boy's name :-p


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