Monday, March 24, 2008

update on kids

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 2:24 PM
so long did not write due to everyday hectic activities
sebastian is getting rounder every day
he is so adorable
he still likes to smile instantly after nursing
his round face resembles my favourite cartoon- winnie the pooh- and also his smile.
just for simple tease, he will give you a smile without hesitate

luna is getting prettier each day
unfortunately, she is also getting more stubborn than before
she's so smart, able to sing on first time hearing, even though a bit

jovann is getting cuter every day
unfortunately, also get naughtier
this morning, he rode on bicycle then hit someone then fell off his bike
instantly, he was crying out of shock.

i am still lacking of sleep each night
i thought sebastian will sleep more peacefully now than his early days
it turned out that he likes to roll over, side to side and top to bottom
so, i may find him sleeps on his back, his left side, his right side, and his tummy.
even while on his tummy, his head may be turning right and left side
second time check him out, his position upside down
his head is in was-his-feet position
he may crawl himself and suck his thumb in
actually, the view is so cute
but if he shares our bed, I will awake several times being hit by his tiny hands
and kicked by his small feet.
it is not painful actually but since you are being hit and kicked while you were sleeping,
you will instantly sober and said "whoa..."
his fingers picked my eye twice and his feet countlessly kicked in stomach
but it sounded fun....



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