Friday, January 25, 2008

What an attitude!

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 2:16 PM
Lately, the topic is focused on sebastian
so, it is time to talk about twins again

she is quite a crybaby recently. Anything which she found unsuitable with her mood,she just cried out loud. These few days, she has a new nanny. Expectedly, she is clinging back to me.
She always asks me to sleep with her whenever I am around, complete with storytelling.
Last night, I was so tired reaching home. After the shower, I lied down with her and began storytelling. Sometimes, I bored with her books, so I will made up the story.
Mostly it is about animals, elephants are her favourite. In the middle of story telling,I just realized that for once or twice, I mixed up between Indonesian and English language.
I must be very very tired then.

He expresses himself lately by throwing things away. It is not his new habit afterall, but I have noticed this attitude is getting more and more frequent. On last Sunday, after finished his Sunday school, we were about to get into a car which parked next to tiny waterway. Without anybody's expectation, he threw away his handicraft which made during the class.
The next days, I was reported, he threw away his slipper into waterway in front of our house.
Last night, I was told, my little sis took him to nearest bakery to buy 2 pieces of beef floss bread (the twins' favourite) and 2 pieces of cheese bread. During walking back home, he carried a plastic bag with those bread inside. All of sudden, he threw away the plastic bag into waterway. His aunt was shocked. I know this is an unacceptable behaviour and I have told him many times. But I was laughing all the way during this storytelling.

Frankly speaking, half of my head and heart believe this is part of their toddler development. However, the other half believe bad attitude needs a discipline. But God, help me. I do not wish to wrongly handling them. Sometimes, I am angry for their misbehaviour and apply for necessary reprimand. Afterwards, I always in doubt whether I have been overreacted.
There happens sometimes, when I just nicely talk to them and hope they get the message.

I wish to enroll in parenting school, if any!


nomad girl on 3:22 PM said...

hmm,..I watched the tv programs on SuperNanny Frost a couple of times, and what I understood is toddlers need a set of rules themselves. I think they need to understand (introduced) earlier on, on what are the lines or customs or culture in the society. Other wise,they will go on believing there is nothing wrong with what they are doing, thus it became a habit. A bad habit.


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