Thursday, January 24, 2008

Enough is enough

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 5:17 PM
Let us recall our memory to my previous note about Jovann's nanny
she had asked my permission to go home for one week.
Her husband was ill and she was called back.
she had left my house since Jan 17 and scheduled to return on Jan 24 then suddenly on yesterday, she gave me a ring, to inform me that she will arrive back on Jan 27.

she said, her husband just fell off and injured his arm, so it is not possible to send her back.

This is ridiculous

I was so pissed off in hearing this and realized eventhough I am deeply disagree over her request, I cannot bring her back any faster.

This is not the first time to happen. It always happen everytime she goes hometown. Thus, naturally I am angry and tired being taken advantage of.
I am just trying being helpful when giving out the permission.
Although afterwards, I have learned that her husband was in recovery before she left my house.
In addition, although her paycheck is on every 22nd, she already took out her wages on 17th in full amount.
Once again, I am trying not to be a difficult person.
Am i asking too much if I expect her to back on time? exactly as she promised it herself?

If I am stingy, which unfortunately I am not, I should cut some allowances during her leave period.
Hey, if I do that, office is reducing my allowances. So does happen with my two other nannies.They are bind by similar regulation from their companies.

My hubby said I am too lenient
He said, never to fully approve to her proposal and always do the bargain
If she said 5 days, give her for 3 days first. Unexpectedly, she will drag it anyway.

I have spent sleepless night on last night and this morning, I sent her a mobile message:
"In the future, I will not approve you to take a week leave. then, in case of late comeback, I will deduct your allowances with amount according to number of dragged days. everyone is handfull in doing your share of work and causing many unpreventable naughtiness from Jojo towards Luna"

I do not care if she calls it quit
Afterall, I have enough.


nomad girl on 9:07 AM said...

haaiizzz, is a difficult situation indeed,...I think you need to let them know (one way or another) that you expect them to keep their word, just like you will keep yours.
so, she will need to understand the consequences of breaking that word, and what will be the further consequences if she repeats that 'trick' , say,..more than 3 times, a.k.a, "the warning"! just like the ones applicable in workplaces.


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