Friday, May 30, 2014

Slim lunch box

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 12:00 PM

Aren't you excited for something new?
Yes, me included
I have the new slim lunch box from Lock and Lock.
It has two tiers of box, completed with collapsible chopstick and an insulated bag.
The volume is about 240ml and 350 ml for each tier.

Here is the lunch that I have with it

In the bottom tier
* Inarizushi, topped with gari
* Tamagoyaki
* Cherry tomatoes
* Edamame

In the top tier
* Pan fried Tempeh
* Blanched broccoli
* Frozen mixed berries

The portion is enough for me :)

The good thing about this box, that they are stack-able during unused.
They will nicely fit together as one tier to save space while storing.

I still having some consideration in lending it for kids to use.
The side locks need to be in precise position to secure the box and the chopstick is quite hard for kids to detached.
Well, they can just 'throw' it into the bag, of course :D

Looking forward to have other menu within this new box *wide grin*


Cooking Gallery on 9:57 PM said...

I love slim bento boxes too :) where did you buy this, Yen? And tempeh...haven't had it for ages ;)!

Journal Mommy Yenny on 1:22 PM said...

Cooking Gallery: It is a gift, actually :D is so good :)
Thank you for your comment, Syn

mickey on 9:52 AM said...

It is very interesting and certainly very practical.

I really like you, especially you are very creative.

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