Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Late post (again)

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Here is (another) late post for bento that recently made.

Looks yummy? 
Hm...myself is hungry right now

This is my first time to make curry >,<
We have many Japanese restaurants in here. In one weekend, we went to Curry House Coco Ichibanya in Grand Indonesia. We love it! The big J, and of course his dad, finished each a plate of theirs; miss L shared a plate with me while little B choose kid's menu. 
So, what can I do when they want a curry in the middle of week? I went to a supermarket and bought the ingredients! LOL... Well, it turned out fine. Nothing fancy, I just put some diced chicken and carrots for curry, topped it by halved boiled egg. Voila..!

This bento was made specially upon her request :)
She once looked at similar kind of bento in the bento book of mine and suggested me to make it.
It is quite simple actually. I just made an onigiri from mixing white steamed rice with sweet soy sauce. The facial expression are used cheese and nori. Then I sauteed vegetables, such as broccoli, baby corn, carrot. Topped the sauteed veg with thin egg omelette, visualized as a blanket. Kani sheet is added only for color and style of the blanket. Aside the bear, I put ham, for extra protein. Done!

On one nice afternoon in the office, the kids called me from home "mom, we all need to bring a balanced meal as one of school projects by tomorrow morning. Could you do something nice for us?"

Well, who couldn't resist such a command request?

I made a white Ninjago bento from Lego, the Ninja of Ice
Well. the tricky part and time consuming is to make the blocks of Lego from several foods. I used carrot for orange blocks, fish meatball for white blocks and SPAM for pinkish blocks. I done all the blocks by night, patiently punched one hole with another (straw is a great help if you do not own specific puncher) and pushed up each one, as to resemble Lego blocks.
As for Zane, I made from onigiri of white rice. I just put his face using egg sheet and nori. Surround him, I had chikuwa rose, edamame, cherry tomato, melon and apple.

They all love their lunches.

(Another) mission accomplished {^.^}


Rina @ Bento School Lunches on 8:20 PM said...

Cute and yummy bentos! I especially love the sleeping bear.:)

tata | bonitafood on 4:52 PM said...

Always hungry seeing and thinking about Japanese curry *love it so much!

I want to make White Ninjago bento too, it looks so cute ^^. Thank you for introducing me to him :D

Journal Mommy Yenny on 3:52 PM said...

Rina: thanks a lot, Rin.. :D

Tata: you are most welcome, Ta :D


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