Monday, December 23, 2013

The excitement continues

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Hello hello...

This is the post about latest bento making.
In welcoming Christmas, my bento theme is simply about the festive season

If you have Instagram account and follow mine (yennyhandoko) you will be aware that these bento-es had been uploaded to my account earlier.

The Christmas tree

The content of box:
* Blanched brocolli, formed in a tree, decorated with frozen-bought carrot, corn and peas, also from sliced zucchini and cheese star.
It put that brocolli tree unto bed of white rice, for sturdy position
* Kamaboko rose with green bean leaves
* Santa sausages
* snowman from quail eggs
* Sauteed green beans and champignon mushroom
* Strawberries

I ate this as my lunch

The snack bento

Kids like to swim in public swimming pool nearby our house.
I imagined they will be hungry, thus I made this snack bento.
Mister J helped me in preparing the sandwiches. He filled them all with lettuce, egg sheet, cheese sheet and fried ham. Completed with mayo and ketchup. 
I already prepared the ingredients while he just smeared the bread and stacked them. He is so proud that he can help out.

Aside from sandwiches, I put some fried sausages, few blanched broccoli, flower-y egg sheet and kani sheet (in white and red color). Lastly, I put some strawberries.

I intentionally did both snow man and santa from quail eggs - to get the touch of a Christmas-y box - I used the left-over kani sticks and decorated the faces with nori and ketchup.

Some friends asked me about the cute snowman
Here is a closer look

To combine two boiled eggs, I used raw angel-hair (or spaghetti) pasta.
Later on, I wrapped red kani sheet as to perform a scarf. Again, I used raw pasta to tie-in the two parts of scarf. As to make sure, the snowman will be shaken-proof, the kani sheet was secured in several points with the egg.
For facial expression, I put nori punched-out and dab few ketchup using toothpick for his rosy cheek.
For final touch, I inserted the food pics as his arms and blue hat.

Voila....does he look comfy and adorable? >,<


debby tondo on 11:41 AM said...

wahh krucilsnya banyak...seru banget!

itu kuenya menggoda sekali ya...yum!

merry christmas and happy new year yaa


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