Monday, September 16, 2013


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I am so so busy lately (it is a lame excuse, I know...) but it was genuinely tricky to find some time for me to sit down and update this blog.
About a week ago, all 3 of our angels fell ill at the same time. They got stomach flu. A kind of disease that many kids have recently. They slowly get well now, while one kid has faster recovery speed than another. However, I find bento-making is really help me to ease the tension. 

So, here they are

I being told about a bakery that sells white bread in cute form aside from regular bread and cakes. They have in form of Mickey Mouse's face, Winnie the Pooh's (the one that I bought) and Hello Kitty's. That's what I saw. I don't know if they are making something else. The shop is nearby my house so I just looked around and purchased one pack. 
I just smeared one piece with mayonnaise after buttered-pan-fried for few minutes, then to put chicken floss, before to sandwiched it with the second piece. Kids just love it. I am not sure if they love the shape of bread or my choice for bread's filling. I hope it is both :)


The plan to do bibimbap was stored quite some time in my agenda, I meant for adult. Because in previous time, I made bento bibimbap for kids.
So, my hubby is lucky enough to get this for his lunch.
I made it with all quick sauteed of beef minced, bean sprout, string beans, carrots, baby corn and red bell pepper on top of white rice. They are nicely covered with sunny side up fried egg. He definitely love it and to eat it with gochujang.
I just forgot to sprinkle sesame seed for final touch >,<

Another bakery that I found in my house's area, is selling purple and green toast bread. They are made from purple sweet potato and pandan leaves.
Whenever, I passed it by, I like to buy them. During one hot afternoon, while everyone is taking a nap, I made this for my big boy. 
The bread is stuffed with chicken floss. From purple bread, I made a cute bear, while from green one, I made a silly frog. The rest of the facial expressions are using cheese sheet and nori. On their side is a couple of gyoza and halved of quail egg.
Get well soon, my angel *kiss kiss*
--I blame my shaky hand for the blurred picture--

It is time to return to school after the sick leave.
Since I still have some purple and green bread left, I just add some tamagoyaki (I love making tamagoyaki, don't know why..), cherry tomatoes and grapes.

Wish you a nice day in school.



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