Friday, April 26, 2013

Bento for Field Trip

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Hi dear....

Today their school is having a field trip for elementary students. They will go to Pinisi Edutainment Park. It is a theme park designed for 2-16 years old. We never been to the this park before but it sounds fun! The idea is to entertain the kids while at the same time to introduce and preserve Indonesian heritage.

The twins were excited. This morning they admitted to have less-than-sound asleep, waited to have morning be arriving very soon. For days before, they have been talking about this trip frequently. They have no idea whatsoever about this particular park.

I will get their point of view some time later in the evening. 

These are the bento that I have prepared for their exciting trip. 

for miss L

for mister J
What's inside:
Kaiser rolls (frozen bought) with garlic n herb butter (in colored cups), edamame pieces (in animal cups), blanched broccoli and flowered carrot, pan fried chicken nuggets and flowered sausages, some cute kamaboko (Hello Kitty -not shown, behind the nuggets- and Pokemon), an apple, mini oreos and M&M's (in silicon cups).

I imagined they will have a more lengthy road-travel than normally they do. They can open up their boxes on their way and share the foods with some friends. That is another reason why I put bigger portion than usual and all -considered- finger foods inside their boxes.

for mister B
Mister B doesn't join them to this field trip, but it just makes sense for me to prepare the same bento theme for him. I just reduced the portion a little bit. He will finish it well.

it's mine. Meatless version

Call me lucky, to get some left-overs, that I named this as my breakfast.

See ya later alligators  {^,^}


Rina @ Bento School Lunches on 8:32 PM said...

Those lunches looks so yummy and I am sure they had fun! :) Have a wonderful weekend Yenny:)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 9:59 AM said...

Rina: thank you so much for wonderful comment Rin. They had a lot of fun. wish the same for your weekend :)

Once in a Lifetime on 1:38 PM said...

Bagus, Yen. Elo masih rajin aja ya, gua cm tinggal niatnya aja, pelaksanaannya gak ada haha... Btw rotinya enak? Biasa kalau breakfast di hotel kan rotinya rada keras yg spt itu?

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:37 AM said...

Elisa: thank you...
enak koq rotinya
yang penting, pulang kotaknya bersih deh :D suka dicomotin ama temen2nya juga katanya


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