Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bento 234 Happy thanksgiving

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 10:57 AM
Well...long time no bento post.

I have been busy in taking care kids that went ill with cough and cold.
It started -in order- from handsome J, pretty L and cute B. Although I separated them during sleeping time, the virus infected them so fast, since they played together during the day. Ehm.. no surprise for that. It has been two weeks now and they slowly start to recover. However, there were moments when all of them coughing and sneezing heavily at the same time. It gave me a headache and heartache :b

I do not yet feel like making a bento under such circumstance, but miss L requested a homemade pancake for her lunch today.

She had rolled pancakes, completed with butter in hello kitty cup and pancake syrup in green cap bottle. I also added grapes on the side. Few rabbit foodpicks placed on top of pancake, just to cheer her up.

Not sure why she loves pancake so much. But I think most kids do.
She had this pancake breakfast during last weekend.

I just made it according to instruction in pancake mixed box. Combined the package with regular milk and whisked egg. For extra flavor, I also put few grated fresh apple, cinnamon powder and a pinch of vanilla extract into the batter. Yay! a yummy apple cinnamon pancake :) Smells and tastes wonderful.

End the breakfast with ginger lemon hot tea, to soothe their neck.

Happy thanksgiving to all of you  {^.^}



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