Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bento 209 green frog

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 1:44 PM
Lately, my girl is always showing off her bento to some close friends.
And her friends said that they are very much interested to see her next cute bento.
Underline the word "cute"
So, in the afternoon, she often asked if I will make her a cute bento for next morning.

She makes me think to create cute lunches

for him

for her

for little one
They all had green frog onigiri, fried chicken wings, quail egg and oranges.
The facial decoration for both frog and quail eggs were from nori and cheese sheet.

Happy lunch :)


Rina @ Bento School Lunches on 7:49 PM said...

Indeed they are CUTE, I love the frogs! I know the feeling when your child tells you that others think it is cute, heheh.

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:47 AM said...

@ Rina...hehehehe..thanks so much, are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Waaah lucu. Mata kodoknya pake apa? :O

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:12 PM said...

@ pepipepo, pakai keju lembaran dan nori (rumput laut) hehehee...makasih dah mampir ya.. :)

nomad girl on 2:18 PM said...

hmmmm,....can start expanding your bento capacity to include the friends? a.k.a start a catering bento? hihihihi

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:28 PM said...

@ nomad girl,
I will have a problem with the (underlined) commitment to do catering bento...hehehehe


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