Monday, October 24, 2011

Bento 155 Hello Kitty

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It is Monday again and I had a great day during weekend to spend with some close friends. So close that they feel like a family to us.

It started to have some rain days ago in last week. Thus, on last Saturday morning, I had a moment of joy by staring on rain drops while sitting and munching my veggie salad at our porch.What a simple pleasure :)

During Sunday afternoon, I made some bento stash for today's lunch boxes.

for the girl
Inside the box: stir-fried broccoli with salmon pieces, white steamed rice, boiled sausages, edamame pieces and dragon fruits pieces.

On top of white rice was Hello Kitty! It was made from sliced cheese, kani (for body and bow), kamaboko (for her shirt). Her eyes were from nori and her nose was from corn piece.

Hello Kitty is one of my favorite from Sanrio's character and It was my biggest obsession to do this particular HK since I got my hands on Akinoichigo's book.

Notice something weird in here?

Yeah, I forgot her mustaches whiskers! *thanks sis for correction*

For most Mondays - but not always - the kids are a bit cranky in starting the day. So I ran back and forth from kitchen to bathroom upstairs, to calm and persuade B to take shower. Also from kitchen to dining room, to hurry the twins in having their breakfast.

I totally forgot it ... until kids left to school ... and I laughed myself out during cleaning the kitchen :D

I will talk to her later on, if she or one of her friends spotted it. LOL
How was your weekend? Have a lovely day 


nomad girl on 6:56 PM said...

huh? mustaches? "whiskers" kalo di kucing mah....

~phoenix~ on 8:45 PM said...

Awww... too sweettt.... *myheartmelted*

monic on 8:39 AM said...

duh rjin banget..mommy yg 1 ini...
kapan ah bisa serajin ini..

kalo aku jd anaknya sih sayang mau makan buatan mamanya kalo kyk bgini bagusnya hehehehehehe

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:38 AM said...

@ nomad girl, thank you for your correction, dear sis :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:38 AM said...

@ Phoenix, you are super duper sweet...thanks, dear :)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:45 AM said...

@ Monic, thanks a lot yaaa.. commentnya manis bener...
hehehe awalnya juga belajar dari buku koq..trus iseng2 praktek, malah sekrg jadi ketagihan..keterusan deh...wkwkwk

Diana - FreeStyleMama on 7:23 AM said...

Very cute! I just found your blog via What's For Lunch Meme. I'll follow now!

Journal Mommy Yenny on 9:35 AM said...

@ Diana, thank you so much for your visit and nice comment :)


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