Monday, August 30, 2010

Bento #55 pink kitty

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 1:07 PM
During last weekend, I found this pink dembu in one supermarket.
Excited about it, I just bought, showed and explained how to use it to my daughter.
She said, " would be nice to have pink kitty..."

So, here it goes..

The whiskers are made from cut-out nori, while the eyes, nose and ribbons are from cut-out cheese. Aside of pink kitty are boiled peas.

On top part of kitty, she has steamed fish rolls and hard-boiled egg.
I put a crown food-pick to add nice touch for egg, while decorate it with nori again (for eyes and nose) and kani (for blushing cheek)

In separate small box (not shown) I put rabbit apple.

Yup, an "accident" happened!
After finished with all preparation, I did not yet close the lid of the box in letting the food inside to cool off. Then, I left for taking my shower. When I returned to kitchen, I saw the egg in both boxes (yes, I always made 2 boxes in the same theme for twins) had scratched. Eeek...! The tricky question is, who did this? because my girl accused to my boy and vice versa.

I will ask them later on for the taste of pink kitty, to find out whether they like it or not.


nomad girl on 3:00 PM said...

Hihiahiahahiaiwhihiahihaihaihaihaihaa.......I was about to ask about the got a third suspect, remember? chubbier,shorter,but no less naughty than the other two?

Xelia on 3:07 PM said...

i think the little kid could not wait to taste the cuties and took a bite! lovely pink kitty!

Lia Chen on 5:05 PM said...

Cute pink kitty! I think your kids are curious with that cute egg and can't wait until lunch time hihihi ... :D

Journal Mommy Yenny on 5:52 PM said...

@ nomad girl, had been eliminated from this situation since he was riding his three-cycle all morning and his nanny was witnessing that.
It definitely either one or both of them :-D

@ Xelia, thank you for your visit and lovely comment

@ Lia Chen, i think so, Lia
thanks a lot for your nice comment as always

Angeleyes on 7:57 PM said...

aiyo!!! Must be one of them can't wait to have a bite on the cutie egg!

Journal Mommy Yenny on 4:47 PM said...

@ Angeleyes, hehehe I think so, Alice
thank you for your nice comment too..


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