Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bento #44 birthday box

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 10:59 AM
Yesterday 4th August was twins' birthday. They are 5 years old now.
In previous year, they had a birthday party in school.
This year, what a surprise, school is off from 4th to 6th August. Thus, they shall have a delayed party by 10th August.

Why on 10th and not 9th?
Because my hubby will not make it on 9th, that's why *wide grin*

I am making this bento for their happy day.

Inside are boiled tuna rolls, chikuwa rolls stuffed with rolled-ham, edamame pieces, steamed brocolli and some strawberries.
The bow is made with cut-out kani.

Happy birthday, cute little darlings.
Wish you grow taller, smarter and wiser each day. Have a healthy and all the best things be blessed in your life. Mommy and daddy will always love you.

I also posted above bento in "What's for Lunch"

Last evening, I have received a package from Lia, Hello Kitty giveaway from her blog!
It is a dream come true, since I was thinking to purchase this from online store.

She gave me another box. Eventually it was a birthday present for twins, cute Miffy cups

What a thoughtful person she is. Thank you for a wonderful gifts!


twinsmommy on 12:17 PM said...

Wah makin jago aja nih bikin bentonya hehehe si kembar seneng banget donk.

Bagus jg yah hadiahnya lumayan donk...

twinsmommy on 12:20 PM said...

eh lupa satu lagi, hahaha gara2 terpesona ama bento lu sih.

Happy B'day Luna cantik dan Jojo ganteng, teruskan kreatifitas mu menjawab papi mami, biar hidup papi mamimu jd lebih colourfull hehehe

Journal Mommy Yenny on 2:07 PM said...

@ twinsmommy, thank u liz
iya hadiahnya lumayan
aiyayaya...lo ngedoain anak gue tambah kreatif menjawab yeh...tega lo! *ngakak*

ashleyprincess on 5:05 PM said...

happy birthday wonderful twin!

gak berasa udh 5tahun ya :)

have a great birthday party ya, God bless!!!

Angeleyes on 8:37 PM said...

Happy Birthday to your twins!
And congratulation on being ofn of the contest winner!

Very nice and healthy bento there!

nomad girl on 9:59 AM said...

Mmmmmmmuuuaahhhhhhhhhh.....hepi bday my little angels.....

kartika on 10:29 AM said...

happy bday buat luna n jovann...

once_alifetime on 3:31 PM said...

Happy Birthday ya Luna yang cantik dan Jovan yang pinter. Mudah2an sehat selalu! Juga makin pinter nyenengin hati ortu hehe..

Journal Mommy Yenny on 11:36 AM said...

@ ashleyprincess, thank you ya auntie

@ angeleyes, thank you for your visit and nice comment :-D

@ nomad girl, thanks....mmmuuuaaaahhhh

@ kartika, makasih yaaa

@ once_alifetime, makasih buat birthday wishnya yaaa

Shannon on 1:54 PM said...

Happy Birthday to your twins! My little guy turned 5 on 8/8. The 4th was my husband's and my 10th anniversary.

Beautiful bentos, thanks for adding it to last week's link up! :o)

Journal Mommy Yenny on 3:21 PM said...

@ Shannon, thank you for your sweet comment and wishes! wow, happy anniversary. It surely easy to remember your special date as it is the same date with twin's b'day :-D


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