Friday, November 14, 2008

Twins to school

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After we moved in, we started to consider in enrolling twins into school in neighbourhood.

There is a good catholic school around us. We gave it a try to check the institute since we aware the acceptance of new students were actually passed few months ago.

Well, the principal said there are some vacant seats for them in separate classes, of course, since they are twins. The twins took some tests as a procedural step and they admitted them into school (as long as we pay, of course)

Few days prior to their first day on school, my husband and I were anxious.

We concerned if twins may cry in the classroom, refuse to be separated from us or from each other, ... and the list going on as other parents have in delivering their kids to school in the first time.

Finally the first day arrived, we have given them enough overview about school activities and anything related to it. Here they are in uniforms. Cute, eh?

One funny story.

On the night before their big day, I was talking to Luna while preparing their water bottles and lunch boxes.

I said," I think I will have to bring you some snacks in addition of your lunch. What do you think?" because Jovann eats his meal in a portion of a grown up do but doesn't do much snacking. While Luna eats in a bite only but loves snacks. I was thinking, if I do not bring enough portion for him, he can eat his snack, also, if Luna will prefer snack over her meal

Luna answered me," I do not think my teacher allow me to bring snack into school"

I was puzzled," is it?" Never heard before any school forbid students in bringing snacks ...

She replied," Ya.... you meant ular (= snake), right? I do not think my teacher would say yes to"

I instantly laughed and remembered that few nights ago I teached them "snake" is the English word for "ular"


nomad girl on 10:57 AM said...

there is always that ubiquitous hand in any of your children's pictures, my dear...

nomad girl on 10:58 AM said...

I am curious as to when that hand will dissapear...


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