Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fine dinings

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During the trip, I had some fine dinings with colleagues and customers.

First, in Trattoria. From the name, we can learn it's an Italian restaurant. We didn't specifically search for it. We have walked on foot within substantial time then we decided to have something to eat. The sign name just caught us thus we got in.

It apparently located in the basement. Nice environment with coat check available. Three of us started to sit and learn the menu. We instantly knew this was a fine Italian dining. All of us went for veal dish with mushroom sauce. It was excellent. The wine was nice. I had this Italian white wine, pinot bianco (hope it's correctly named). It was in sweet flavour. One glass is enough.

I passed the appetizer and soup, in fear of their generous portion, however the main entree was considerably in medium size. But I couldn't resist the temptation of their dessert offer. At first I would like to have a slice of tiramisu. Came to think of it, I'd like to try something different. That was when I decided to have warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. Ouch, it is sinfully delicious. I had no regret in squeezing my stomach to fit that pie in.

By this noon, I went out with a customer for a lunch. She took me to Grand Lux cafe in downtown. She said this cafe is in same ownership with Cheesecake Factory. The waiting time is approximately 30 minutes during lunch time. This time, I've tried Salisbury chopped steak. Yup, I passed the appetizer too. When taking our orders, the waiter had said that the portion will be generous and we can take the leftovers home.

Once again, the serving did huge. Accompanied with beans, carrots and mashed potato with gravy. I've managed to finish the steak itself and left those vegetables behind.

My guests ordered some baked apple pie (yes, I had it once again) with fine sugar around plate and vanilla ice cream on top, to share among us. It was nice, but I had to admit I prefer the one in Trattoria.

I will definitely gain much weight with this kind of eating pattern. This is not normally happen during my trip. To my other destination in Europe and Korea or Japan, the servings are much smaller and even healthier in Japan. And with no workout during trip ... ? Ouch ....


nomad girl on 10:50 AM said...

makan truuss....


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