Thursday, June 26, 2008

tears of crocodile?

Posted by Journal Mommy Yenny at 7:14 AM

Few nights ago, Sebastian was playing in our room
his dad was watching TV, so Bas was kind of interested with remote control
when his dad handed in to him, of course he chewed into his mouth
so we said no and took back the unit.
he instantly cried
my hubby who hate to see him cry, returned it again to him
within the same second, Bas laughed so wide, showed all his two below teeth
and expressed his chuckle he he he

my hubby stared at me and said in tone of disbelief
"I can't belief he was playing trick on us!"
then said to the baby "You are so naughty, you gave me your tears of crocodile!"
ah ha ha ha ha ...


nomad girl on 9:26 AM said...

"hihihihi,....jangan meremehkan Bastian yak!" pikir si Bas.
Yup, auntie Nanz agree with you kiddo,..the third kid usually the wittiest, smartest and cutest!! hohohoho....


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