Monday, January 21, 2008

Ordinary weekends

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I'll start the story by one important fact, that Jojo's nanny had went for leave from last Thursday Jan 17 for a week period.
So, it is understood that I will spend this weekend with three kids, two nannies and one husband, of course.
For week days, we have asked assistance from my in-law next door to take care one of twins- usually Jojo- during the day.

Saturday morning, Sebastian released his sweet and loud voice at 7.30 am. Well, it was a bit late from his usual schedule at 6.45 am. He wasn't crying, actually, but rather babling with rhyme. My hubby was sleeping still and I was pretending to do so. After eavasdroping for a while, I could not stand to laugh and pick him up from his crib. In my ears, his ahh...uhh....and ooh... sounded like "hi...I'm awake somebody there? I need my morning hug and kiss..." This three and half month old baby is supposed to cry when wake up, right?

After felt satisfy to talk and cuddle him, I handed him over to his nanny for a bath, in exchange with twins who happily climbed up to our bed. Hubby has opened his one eye until someone shook his arm and made him fully awake. We were discussing what to do this weekend then finally our suggestion to go swimming has agreed cheerfully by twins. I gave them one condition. They have to take their nap this afternoon and they have said yes.

After kids' lunch, I took them into bedroom and lied down together to put them to sleep. Naturally, this process is never an easy job. They requested storytelling, some drinks and few trips to toilet. Finally, I have realized that I have slept myself, when hubby tried to wake me up, with no kids slept beside me! Huh... I felt awfully sleepy and hungry, thus it forced me for lunch in next door before seached the kids.

Returning from lunch, I have decided to give them a warning. No nap time, meaning no swimming this afternoon. When I opened their bedroom door, to my surprise, I found Luna was sleeping. Well, it left only Jojo to search for. He was with hubby, watching TV, in our room. I persuaded him to nap with me in his room downstairs. Hm, you can imagine, he asked me for storytell again before felt asleep. He was really sleepy this time.
Ha. at last, everybody was sleeping, including Sebastian and their daddy. For truth, I wondered why he felt sleepy too. He has full night to rest as I am the one who always wake up to nurse Sebastian.

With house was so quiet, for a moment, I have tempted to sleep with them. However, at this point, I was no longer sleepy. Then, I decided to own wash my car. Last time I did this was 7 years ago, in my parents' house. Lately, I always go to car wash cause I am too lazy in doing it. Finished with the wash, Luna awaked. Ha... a perfect timing! I felt like cleaning our bathroom. I put her in front of TV, beside her sleeping daddy, and cleaned bath. Done with cleaning, Jojo awaked. Hubby totally forgot about swimming thing until I said so. At last, two of us went for groceries shopping and dinner in Gajah Mada Plaza, while rescheduling swimming for the next day.

One thing to upset about, during shopping, we put one box of take away pizza in hypermarket's deposit. We have forgotten about the pizza and straight went out from the plaza. We have just realized about it near Dunkin Donuts in Sangaji. Oh, we turned back and I got off in lobby plaza to get pizza in hypermart's deposit. At that moment, I have not feel tired yet, until I laid my head to sleep. During night and woke several times nursing Sebastian, I started to feel muscle ache. Of course, after washed the car, washed the bath and went back forth in plaza.

On Sunday morning, I woke up as usual with the help of Sebastian's beautiful sound. Forced to wake, to be exact, since I would rather sleep if I had the option. We attended Sunday mass and brought Sebastian with us while Luna and Jovann were in Sunday school. Afterwards, we went to Pluit mall after returned Sebastian home together with his nanny. Mall visit was nothing special. We had lunch inside, went around the stores and toilets, saw dragon dance and visited for sale puppies and rabbits.
From mall, we went to swimming pool in Gajah Mada Plaza (yes, again...). We just swam for about an hour and returned home.

In evening, I started to feel muscle ache from top to toe. During night nursing for every two hours, I have continously whinning "ooh...I am so tired". Nevertheless, I did not want to skip nursing him and miss his smile. For every time Sebastian finished, I always said in my heart "please let mommy sleeps at least another two hours before you are hungry again"

At last, this morning, once again, it was so difficult to get up from bed. My muscle was really really in pain. But here I am, in work again. (I need some coffee.....)

Really, for me, it was another ordinary weekend


nomad girl on 9:00 AM said...

My poor sis,.......typical weekend of a mom with 3 young kids?..cup cup cup


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